About us


The organization of people with special needs MOTUS VITA is the volunteer organization, established in 2009 by small group of people in Riga, Latvia, to support people with neuromuscular diseases (NMD) and their families.

MOTUS VITA provides high-grade system of support, and also gives the practical information and the basic services for people with neuromuscular diseases.

The primary objective of the organization MOTUS VITA is provide support for people and their families who are affected by neuromuscular diseases (NMD).

Main objectives:

1. To support people with limited possibilities, who is suffering from neuromuscular diseases (NMD). Their integration into society and supporting their participation in all public processes.

2. Rendering of support to people with the limited possibilities, suffering from neuromuscular diseases (NMD), in medical, social and professional rehabilitation. Involvement of professional experts and rendering technical support to maintain high quality of life, psychological and emotional stability.

3. Encouragement and assistance to people with neuromuscular diseases to improve their professional skills and development of new new feasible professions.

4. Protection of the rights and interests of people with the limited possibilities, monitoring of observance of the rights and freedom of people with the limited possibilities.

5. Raising public awareness of neuromuscular diseases, everyday problems associated with NMD and possible solutions to these problems.

6. Use of different resources, funds and donations, as well as participation in activities under the Latvian legislation to achieve the goals of the organization


Valery Rakovs – the chairman of board,

Andris Zaicevs– the vice-president of board,

Valya Ivanova– the vice-president of board.

Organization of people with special needs MOTUS VITA

Registration nr. 40008143545

Address: Maskavas str. 421-18, Riga, Latvia, LV-1063

mailto: motus.vita@gmail.com motus.vita@inbox.lv