“To be of use in this world is the only way to be happy”
                                                                                        Hans Christian Andersen


Disability… Trouble… How not to break how to find strength, courage and will to live a full life? Any misfortune is easier to overcome, when someone is near.

Let's help each other, let's unite our strength and we will reduce our weaknesses! Only united, we can feel necessary for each other, after all there is always near us someone to whom it is even heavier to whom our help is necessary. And then, in a difficult minute it is possible to lean on a shoulder of someone like you, who understands, knows, and is sympathizing. From person to person, from heart to heart!

Join us! Together we are strength!

Last news

Training for Well-being and Motivation


It is a well-known fact that physical health is closely related to our inner condition. To manage emotions is also much easier if you understand yourself, your abilities and possibilities, as well as your complexes and psychological barriers. The more we learn to know ourselves, the higher is our self-confidence. And this ground helps to a great extent to get surrounded by an interesting social network and to realize our potential in the chosen field!


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Seminar “Safety and Comfort”


With the support of the Latvian Association of Ergotherapists we have planned to organize a cycle of seminars on safety and comfort in everyday life for persons with special needs.

The seminars shall comprise an exhaustive scope of information about the possibilities to receive and to use technical aids taking into account factors of falling and trauma risks.

Riga Stradins University Ergotherapy program’s students and members of the students’ subdivision of the Latvian Association of Ergotherapists Sabīne Mikulāne, Anita Gžibovska, and Jana Bagņana informed MOTUS VITA members and other participants about circulation system of technical aids, alternatives of receiving technical aids, and main prevention principles. Practicing ergotherapists Toms Bērants and Aleksandrs Grjadovojs also took part in the seminar in order to provide answers to the questions.


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On the Way to Health Through Art


“I don’t believe!” – this phrase of the famous Russian theatre director, theorist and teacher Stanislavski is known to every theatre lover. But how is it possible to make not only Stanislavski, but also surrounding people to believe you? What do we need for this? What is disturbing us? This is exactly the “secrets” that we try to reveal at acting classes together with theatre teacher Tatjana Čerkovska and stage director Andrejs Garkavi (STADIA Art Platform).

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