“To be of use in this world is the only way to be happy”
                                                                                        Hans Christian Andersen


Disability… Trouble… How not to break how to find strength, courage and will to live a full life? Any misfortune is easier to overcome, when someone is near.

Let's help each other, let's unite our strength and we will reduce our weaknesses! Only united, we can feel necessary for each other, after all there is always near us someone to whom it is even heavier to whom our help is necessary. And then, in a difficult minute it is possible to lean on a shoulder of someone like you, who understands, knows, and is sympathizing. From person to person, from heart to heart!

Join us! Together we are strength!

Last news

MOTUS VITA Event in the Frame of the ART RIGA FAIR 2016 Festival


On November 26th, 2016, in the frame of the International Arts Festival ART RIGA FAIR 2016, and thanks to the support of the Boris and Ināra Teterev’s Charitable Foundation, the association of persons with special needs MOTUS VITA organized an event for its members and friends.

It is often that the patients with serious diseases feel not needed, not solicited or interesting to anyone. The patients who try to overcome those feelings by defining particular goals beyond their disease, do quite often stop or freeze the development of the disease, and live an interesting, busy and a quite long life.

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Meeting with the Actress Tatjana Lukashenkova


We all know and love theater like spectators. But how this miraculous action – a theatre performance - is being born? How do they do it? On September 18th, 2016, MOTUS VITA members and our guests had a unique possibility to found out answers to these questions from the source. Tatjana Lukasenkova, actress of the Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre shared with us secrets of her profession. She was not only very open-hearted to tell us about her long-term professional experience, but also showed herself in a different role of a brilliant singer accompanied by excellent musicians.

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Series of master-classes in public speaking by Jurijs Kushpelo


From May 30th to June 3rd, the non-governmental organization MOTUS VITA organized in the premises of Svētās Ģimenes Māja a course of lectures in public speaking held by Jurijs Kušpelo, professional actor and TV news presenter at the First Baltic TV Channel.

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